Wilder Things

by Scribble Monboddo

Wilder are a real discovery on Nero's part, and their output is worth getting to know. Here's another simple idea, expertly executed. 

As usual, the photographs don't really do it justice. For a humble pocket notebook this is tangibly hand-made, albeit expertly. Considering paper choice, embossing, ruling, and stapling there's a lot to get wrong, potentially, but this feels thoroughly put together - bullets thoroughly dodged!

Of course, as well as looking the part and feeling swish, it's got to work as a functional pocket notebook. Two elements are crucial to that. Firstly, the rulings need to be tall enough to write comfortably in, but not so tall that they use up the limited space available too quickly. Secondly, the paper needs to be able to handle the mystical substance we put in fountain pens. Wilder got it right on both counts, and all at the rather reasonable price of £15 for a three-pack - not bad for a fiver, eh?