Wild in the Country

by Stuart Lennon

I do better
Hell I do better
Swinging in the trees
Naked in the breeze
But I got no boiled chicken
I wanna go hunting and fishing

Wild Wild go wild in the country
Where snakes in the grass are absolutely free
Wild Wild go wild in the country
Where snakes in the grass are absolutely free

So said Bow Wow Wow in 1982 on their hit song "Go Wild in the Country." Ah those were the days...now, where was I? Ah yes. Wild, or Wilder.

"How Wilder. was born

In 2020, during the brief window in which we were allowed to travel, Sarah and I ventured from our home in the South West and travelled to Scotland. With the exception of the Satnav to keep our marriage from ending in map-induced flames, we stayed away from screens as we followed the North Coast 500 in our campervan.

Instead, we took notebooks. When we weren’t sitting by the fire or dragging one of the dogs out of a loch, we had a chance to write and think and talk, free from the endless pings of smartphone notifications. We hadn’t really planned a digital detox, it just happened. But in that place of quiet, an idea took hold.

Slow stationery for the soul

Inspired by the UK’s many artisans and skilled manufacturers, our reputation for great quality and our love of stationery, combining our interests and passions into a clearly defined, well thought-out range of products was an obvious step.

When we returned home, we researched the very best papers, testing dozens of samples and selecting the most buttery-smooth, nib-friendly one we could find. We debated colours endlessly, settling eventually on ink-inspired blue, graphite-inspired grey and nature-inspired green. We sought out a local, independent manufacturer and watched the first notebooks coming off the press.

And here we are. Living Wilder."

I have a mixed pack - a ruled, dot and plain. I can confirm that the paper plays nicely with my nibs, but also note that the "tooth" is perfect for pencils too.

A wonderful ethos, responsibly sourced and locally made, these are high quality notebooks and are firmly part of my rotation.

Grab yours here.