Week 3 Report

by Stuart Lennon


Look at these! The pocket ones are dinky - fitting comfortably in a man's shirt pocket. The memo size is one of our new collection, Dan's "Big Pockets". Let me explain.

Dan and I were discussing over a coffee whether 'Pocket Notebooks' could sell larger books.

"Big Pockets." He shrugged.

Life can, and perhaps should be, simple.

Also making their debut this week were Playtype. Everything you might expect from Danish design. Simple, well-executed and cool.

Playtype Bordeaux

I haven't tested the Silvine yet, but I can vouch for the Playtype: Fountain pen friendly. My Kaweco Brass Sport (also available on the site) loves them.

New stock is always the peak of the week. Customs, I'm learning, is the trough. It's like dealing with a caricature of bureaucratic Britain. Lesson learned. I won't be importing anything except via a large courier company. Currently caught with our guardians of the borders are Inky fingers, Word. and Story Supply. Fingers crossed, progress will come.

One brand due in this week (and being delivered on my courier account) is Whitelines from Sweden. Mysteriously, Whitelines are rethinking their lines, so I grabbed what I could from them. I cleared out their 3-packs for sure.

I'm talking to several more suppliers; both of pocket books and accessories. Some will be known to you, some may not. I'll keep you posted.

A key target for me now is the storefront. My lack of competence and increased stocks are making the site harder to navigate. I hope to make some progress this week, and affect some change in March. Please bear with me.

You may have seen on social media, I'm flirting with the idea of carrying Traveller's Notebooks. To do that properly, requires a significant investment in stock and managing a demanding supplier. 

What do you guys think of TN? Something that interests you?

On that note, if there's a particular brand or book that you are looking for, get in touch. I'll certainly look into it for you.

Right. Time to get my task list (Word.) up to date for the start of the week.

Thanks for your continuing support.