Up in the sky in a beautiful balloon

by Scribble Monboddo

Budapest beauty Bomo's bountiful balloons bust out once again, and this time it's all in the aid of correspondence. Taking one of the best of the covers from their A5 notebooks, they have lined their envelopes very stylishly, and all that remains is to fill them with a page or two of epistolary magnificence.

So, what's this like to write on? Well, the balloon designs look great on a cream background, although pictures alone don't do the paper full justice. It's luxury stuff, alright, and thick enough to prove it, but folds into those envelopes well enough nevertheless, which should impress anyone receiving such a letter.

Posh stuff, and no two ways about it! But not priced at too painful a level, by any means. Up, up and away... once you've found a stamp.