The Company Song

by Stuart Lennon

The Company Song® Molly Weller

Last week, I posted a photograph on social media. In it were, Clare, Kaylee, Molly, Nero and Ollie.

Kaylee is the newest addition to the Nero's Notes family and will be helping Clare here at Pocket Notebooks Towers around her studies in Performing Arts.

Team Nero's Notes
My good friend and Irish coffee entrepreneur Johnnie of quipped,

“Is there a company song?”

I repeated this in the office. A scant day or two later, I received news that our song should be sung to the tune of the recent smash hit ‘Despacito’. Lyrics by Molly Weller, aged ten. (She aged two years over a weekend!)

Yes, you know I have been writing with you for a while
I have to draw with you today
I saw that your lead was calling me
Show me the art I’m going to make (Oh!)
You are the art and I am the artist.
You’re getting shorter coz I’m using you.
Just the thought of it worries me.
Now I’m trying to save up your lovely lead.
All I want is to write with you now, but I shouldn't or I would ruin you more.
Slowly. I want to use your lead slowly.
I don’t want to sharpen you much.
So that I don’t use all of your lead. (Oh!)
Slowly. I want to use your lead slowly.
Rub out my mistakes (oh)
And use you like I never have before.
Rub it out, write it down…
Rub it out, write it down…

We're waiting for the call from Palomino or the record company. Molly promises that untold wealth and fame won't change her a bit.