Paw Prints — Viarco

Pencil parade...

Posted by Amanda Fleet on

I love a good pencil, me. Emphasis is on good though. Scratchy pencils - you know, those ones that seem to have a grain of sand in them as you write - well, they can take a running jump, frankly. But a pencil that writes smoothly, has a decent darkness to the line yet holds its point over many lines of writing...? Well, that's every pencil-lover's dream, isn't it?

Let me give you a flavour of 9 different pencils and what they're good for. Some of them are definitely writing pencils. Some of them are softer and at a push, could be used for sketching or doodling.

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Portuguese Pencils!

Posted by Scribble Monboddo on

Viarco is a serendipitous survival, using the same factory, the same machinery, and if not actually the same personnel at least some of the same surnames, as when it started in the early twentieth century. They are now, quite rightly, milking that retro credibility for all it's worth, and here are the delectable results.

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