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Lock down journalling

Posted by Amanda Fleet on

Lock down is affecting all of us - some more than others. I'm having good days and I'm also having bad days. Both days are worth journalling about. If I write about the good days, I have something to look back on to remind myself that not all days are black. On bad days... well, on bad days just the act of committing to paper what's upsetting me can be enough to help me process it and deal with it a little better. And of course, I can look over the entries from the better days too.

Enter the Public Supply 5x8" notebook.

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Public School Types

Posted by Scribble Monboddo on

I do find my wettest fountain pens can bleed through a bit, so I tend to write on just one side, but the paper is pleasantly smooth to scribble on, also accepts graphite with alacrity, and has proved just the ticket for some rough drafting of pieces for publication

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