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Best notebook for writing a book...?

Posted by Amanda Fleet on

I'm always in the midst of one or more of: planning a book; writing a book; editing a book. So which notebook would I recommend for any writer, whether they're planning their first book or their twentieth?

To be perfectly honest, probably any notebook could be used to plan and write a book. Well, maybe not pocket-sized ones, unless you're prepared to go through a lot of them! But whether you're at the 'planner' end of the spectrum (a writer who has everything sorted out to the last scene before they start writing) or at the 'pantser' end (the "let's just write it and see where it goes" kind of writer), a notebook with a bit of structure will be an enormous help.

Enter the Page One notebook.

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Page One - Reviewed by a proper writer

Posted by Stuart Lennon on

Back in October, we had a review on the Page One by Amanda.She wrote:“I'm a writer. I've written 8 books. By March next year, 5 of them will be published.”Therein’s the problem. It is my considered opinion that Dr Fleet is, at least in part, a machine. She’s one of those fabled, “completer-finishers.” A rare breed, especially in the creative world. When she lays out a timetable to take a book from first draft to publication, she includes times, as well as dates. Then she hits them.Normal people, proper writers, lay out timetables as aspirations, or conversation-starters. “I’ll be done...

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Page One - a notebook for writers

Posted by Amanda Fleet on

It's going to be November next month.

Er... yes... so?

Well, there are some people in the world who decide that November is the perfect time to try and write 50,000 words of a novel ("NaNoWriMo").

What might help you to get through NaNoWriMo and have something reasonably planned by the end? A Page One notebook.

This is a notebook designed by writers, for writers. As the professional novel-writer on the team at Nero's Notes, I got my sticky paws on one to road-test, so let me share my findings with you.

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