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When stars align...

Posted by Amanda Fleet on

Journaling... I used to journal a lot. But recently, my daily writing had become merely a record of my day, not a way to process thoughts. What I really wanted was to get back to journaling as a way of thinking about life.

Now, you'd think this would be simple. I have a cupboard full of notebooks, a drawer full of pens, and all I needed to do was to choose one of each and get on with it.

While I was still considering this, lo and behold, the Bomo arrived.

This, my friends, is exactly what I wanted to journal in!

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Jumping Journals

Posted by Stuart Lennon on

An undeniable perk of owning a notebook shop, is that I get to use many excellent notebooks. My “Daily Driver” for work is an adaptation of the #bulletjournal system, in an A5 notebook. I run through one every couple of months. April - May, I have been in a MD Notebook by Midori. Beautiful cream paper in an understated Japanese design. Lovely with fountain pens. It's time for me to choose and prepare the book for June - July. I feel an Endless Recorder coming on. In crimson. If you are a fountain pen user, and you enjoy a medium...

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