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Analogue v Digital: Circus Maximus et Circus Minimus

Posted by Scribble Monboddo on

We talk a lot about writing around these parts, but here's another thing which has been analogue for umpteen centuries before there was a digital alternative: the art of drawing circles. For a long time, the basic equipment was two pointy sticks and a length of string, which worked well for mediaeval stonemasons; in Wells cathedral, for instance, one can still view the loft where the ornate window tracery was laid out. As engineers applied their own discipline to the tools of their trade, the more familiar pair of compasses emerged. Most of us used one with a stubby HB...

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IRIS Drawing Compass

Posted by Amanda Fleet on

"Well, this is a thing of beauty!"

Amanda reviews the brass and steel Iris drawing compass by Makers Cabinet.

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