Paw Prints — Crown Mill

Crown Mill laid writing paper

Posted by Amanda Fleet on

"Laid paper"? Some of you might be wondering: what on earth is "Laid paper"? Luckily for you, I covered this a while back! Have a look at my post "Laid... or wove?" The Crown Mill writing paper is, as Scrib has also noted, laid paper. Which makes it excellent for graphite lovers, but not so much fun for fountain pen users. The very reason laid paper can be a pain (literally) to write on using a fountain pen is the very reason other pens (and pencils) work so well: it has a texture or 'toothiness' to it. As many of...

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Not a nib in sight!

Posted by Scribble Monboddo on

Brace yourself, dear reader, for today is not a day to write of fountain pens. But you might just be interested nevertheless in a combination of groovy graphite, and especially pencil-friendly paper.

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