Paw Prints — Covid 19

I challenge you to put pen to paper

Posted by Amanda Fleet on

When was the last time you held a proper letter in your hand? When was the last time you wrote one? Today? This week? This month? This year?

This decade?

This century??

I challenge you to write a letter this week - whether it's to a friend or family member, or a random act of kindness to a stranger - put pen to paper and make someone's day.

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Working from home during the pandemic

Posted by Stuart Lennon on

After the “Covid 19” e-mails, the internet has now turned to telling us how to work from home.I have been lapping these up. (Spice is less impressed.) Even though I’ve been working from home for a couple of years, I wouldn’t pretend that I have it all sorted out. It’s interesting to read about how others manage and whether I might find something that would work for me.I will admit to having had a good laugh at one or two.“My partner and I are disciplined about maintaining routine and respecting each other’s space. While I work in the home-office, my...

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