Superiority Complex

by Scribble Monboddo

Field Notes make very groovy pocket notebooks, and sometimes excellent chunky boxes to keep them in too. They've always been a bit superior - and now here's a special edition that shouts it from the front page.

Bound in sturdy lake-blue card with three staples (replaced here with thread for a bit of extra rust-proofing), this is built to take a bit of a beating if needed but would look just as at home in a design studio or one of those posh coffee-houses that now serves as an office to all the people who Work From Home and thus need to get out of the house. It's a looker, for sure.

Field Notes have really gone to town with the handy information, this time including fold-out essays on the many curios of the Great Lakes. Star billing has to go the island on the lake which itself is large enough to encompass its own lakes, on which there are further islands. Nature loves a meta reference too!

That this works with graphite is no shocker - that's always been the Field Notes style. But the big (and welcome) surprise here is that the paper actually behaves perfectly well with a fountain pen. Well, shiver me timbers. But we're not complaining, are we?