by Stuart Lennon

We are very proud of our subscription boxes here at Nero's Notes.

The subscription box is our opportunity to curate some gorgeous stationery to surprise and delight our customers. We get a commitment to buy in advance, and in return, we can ensure that the retail value of the box surpasses the price paid.

Win-win, right?

The reality of this system is that monthly subscribers end up with six pocket notebooks per month. Inevitably, this leads to people being forced from their homes by a collection of paper books that grows faster than they can use them.

That makes no sense.

So, we're going to change it.

The last monthly pocket subscription box will go out in March. Everybody will then be switched to a quarterly frequency, with the next box being June, followed by September.

Don't worry, if you are currently being billed bi-monthly or monthly, we will adjust you to a quarterly billing frequency too. So, if you do nothing, you will switch to a quarterly billing and delivery frequency, potentially saving some money. If you don't currently subscribe and would like to, the pocket subscription is here.

Naturally, we wouldn't want you to feel over-burdened with too much cash, so we have created two more opportunities to subscribe.

In April, July, October and January, we will be issuing the desk subscription box. This is simply a larger format subscription. It will be a larger notebook / set of notebooks and extras. You know, desk-size. So in the region of A5. If you would like this box, you should purchase the 'Desk Subscription' here. There is of course, nothing to stop you having the Pocket Subscription and the Desk Subscription.

What about May, August, November and February? This is Nero's box. Quite a tough one to advertise. It will contain....'stuff'. See what I mean? A hard sell. The box will contain a wild card selection. It will be stationery-related, it will have a greater retail value than paid, but other than that, I'm not telling you. This one really is an exercise in trust.

But hey. Who wouldn't trust a miniature schnauzer?

Subscribe to Nero's box here.

The subscriptions are priced as follows:

Pocket - £21

Desk - £18

Nero's - £24

For every box of any type, £1 goes direct to our chosen charity, which is the National Literacy Trust.