Story Supply

by Stuart Lennon

Story Supply Notebooks

We carry a lot of notebook brands here at Pocket Notebooks, and I'll be honest, I love them all.

This one though, has a special place in my heart.

Story Supply was, from its inception, making a difference. Shamelessly, we took inspiration from that and our own subscription package gives a little something back to our partner charity, the National Literacy Trust.

We just replenished our Story Supplies (irresistible pun, I'm sorry) and I felt compelled to give a shout-out on these awesome notebooks.

1. The Pocket Staple. Laura at Nib&Muck proposed marriage to this notebook. These books are well-made, come in a variety of rulings, and handle fountain pens beautifully. Get some here.

2. 407 Edition. As the above, but in a burgundy linen suit. One is with Laura at the moment; I'm expecting fireworks.

3. Pencil Pusher. Colourful and cool. As you probably know, this notebook was a collaboration with CW Pencils. CW recently had to close the doors on their shop in New York, because of building issues. Caroline (Caroline Weaver, founder) has written a fascinating book called the Pencil Perfect, which you can get on Amazon - or even better from CW Pencils online. While you are there, why not buy some pencils? I know you can buy them here from us, but Caroline and her team deserve our support. In this slightly mad analogue world that we love, CW has been a pioneer, and by all accounts, a lovely person too. 

4. Working Artist Series. Ok. Limited to 5,000 packs, of which we have a very few.

This limited edition pack comes with two different covers, each featuring exclusive artwork from Marvel Comics artist, Mike Hawthorne. A master at visual storytelling, Hawthorne set out to create a world that manages to be simple in its focus and complex in its rendering. As is so often the case, before peace must come war. Like the creation of art, these covers represent the destruction and struggle that is often part of the process of creating something beautiful, something new. 

On the inside, Hawthorne includes one of his signature drawing lessons, which he uses regularly when teaching at the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design. And, with the sale of each pack, a sketchbook will be given to an art student in an under-served community. 

Seriously - why would you NOT buy one? A drawing lesson from a guy working on Deadpool.

Story Supply are a fantastic supplier, doing fantastic things. I wrote last week about the Summer Blockbusters - these notebooks should be Oscar nominated too.