Stationery for a short trip

by Stuart Lennon
On a recent episode of 1857, TJ & I had a chat about bags. Little did he know the can of worms that he was opening.

I have written a post over on about the page that I’m bringing on my trip for the Bristol Pen Show.

That post focuses on the bag and what’s going into it, whereas this one will get into detail about the stationery contents.

Analogue EDC

1. My LT1917 Metallic A5 - in which I keep a Bullet Journal. Attached to it is my Mitsubishi Uniball, perfect for the task
2. Bellroy wallet. This one carries cash and the everyday spending cards.
3. Bellroy card wallet. Backup spending cards, membership cards etc.
4. LT business card holder for Nero’s Notes business cards
5. Smythson business card holder for Lime and SL business cards.
6. Pocket Notebook. This is a LT1917 Jottbook, but it will have changed by the time I travel.
7. Tallulah by Nock. The kickstarter colour-way.

Nock Talulah

1. My Pelikan Stresseman 805.
2. The Pocket Linear measuring device by Write
3. The Graf Von Faber Castell platinum-plated perfect pencil
4. Ensso mini fountain pen
5. The Standard Memorandum Journal

The Pelikan is just a gorgeous pen. Its broad nib is loaded with Edelstein Aquamarine. This works for corporate stuff as well as geeking out over pens.

The pocket linear measuring device is hardly an essential, but it does make me smile.

The GVFC perfect pencil is an extravagance, but hey, I’m a stationer. It has eraser and sharpener built in, so perfect for a short trip.

The Ensso. It’s cute. It’s handy, and I’m enjoying it.

The Standard Memorandum. I didn’t miss a day in 2018, and I don’t want to in 2019.