So you like fountain pens…

by Stuart Lennon

First - another reminder. Black Friday. We don’t. Cyber Monday. Nope, not that either. The best service we can give, the coolest stationery that we can find, at a fair price every day. That’s our jam.

Second. A huge shout out to all the wonderful people working for Royal Mail. Despite everything that Covid throws at them, they keep on delivering. We are in awe. That said, delivery times are slower, and inconsistent. Sometimes, orders get to one part of the country next day, but take up to a week to get to another. All this to say - order early. If you are shopping for the holidays, I recommend you don’t go much later than the end of the first week of December.

Third. Christmas hours. The office will close on the 23rd of December and reopen on the 4th of January. You will still be able to order, but there will be no despatch. Stu will still be on the mails and the socials, if you need help.

I have bought yet another fountain pen.

I really don’t need one. But this one is special.

The design is very specific, and is in memory of Nero, my much-missed dog, for whom this site is named. (He was pure black, and wore a Help for Heroes Collar.)

It was designed and made for me by Ash. He makes beautiful fountain pens to order, in Wales. If you are thinking of a gift for Christmas 2021, then you might want to commission one now. He’s rather busy. A pen. Designed. Just for you. That’s special.

Mine is on the way to me, and I can’t wait.