Pondering Purposeful Planning

by Stuart Lennon

How many planners are too many planners?

If you understand that question, you're probably not on the right website. We’re all here because we have notebook solutions looking for problems. There cannot be too many notebooks or planners.

As I write, we are moving from October to November. A special time, a month end and an impending year-end.

Before I continue, a quick aside.

“Halloween specials! Everything at ….”


Sorry, we don’t go in for that sort of nonsense.

Where was I? Oh yes, planners. I wrote a few weeks back about my decision to move time-blocking into an Economist Diary (ED) of all things. Things have moved on. I’ve purchased another diary. No more ED? Is this the end of the Bullet Journal? Of course not. Let me take you through my thinking:

1: In the morning, I will open my ED, and plan the shape of my day. Blocking off time, checking appointments etc.
2: Then, I will open my Bullet Journal, write a gratitude note and start logging tasks and notes. (In my mind, the books will be side by side as I mentally match the tasks to blocks)
3: At the end of the work day, I will do a “close down”. Checking my tasks, migrating where necessary and completing my habit tracker (in the ED).
4: I will write a journal note in yet another book. This time a Hobonichi. Yet another notebook that we don’t sell. I’m really not thinking this through, am I?

This journal is “soft”. Not about appointments and tasks, but about how I’m feeling.

I’m often asked why Nero’s doesn’t sell Hobonichi. Put simply, they won’t let us. Hobonichi only permits sale through companies that have a retail presence. So - if we operated a storefront, we could sell the Hobonichi range in the store and through the website. However, as we don’t have a storefront, we can’t sell online. How much of that policy is driven by the manufacturer and how much by the UK distributor is a fair question, and not one to which I know the answer.

While I will use two diaries through the year, I will probably go through four or more bullet journals in the year. My current favourite is the Endless Recorder, which is Tomoe River paper too. By shifting “fixed entries” into the diaries, I am able to be free-form with the Bujo - which remains open at my side all day.

There - three daily use, ink-friendly planners, that I will need to use each day Lovely.

Now, do I have enough fountain pens???