Pink and green and shades in between...

by Amanda Fleet

Nero sent me an Ugly Book to play with. No, not one that Nero thinks is a less than beautiful item - the brand is, in fact "Ugly Books".

The company are from New York, and their notebooks are really quite different in a market slightly flooded with pocket sized notebooks that can be difficult to distinguish from one another.

The cover and inner paper are both recycled, the cover being a sturdy 300gsm and the paper a decent 120 gsm. Both the covers and the insides are coloured. The one I got sent was pink on the outside and a kind of spring green on the inside. When you order a 3-pack, some of the delight is in not knowing what colour combination you'll get. Notebooks are 4" x 5.75" (10.2cm x 14.6cm) and there are 24 sheets/48 sides in a book.

The branding is minimal and confined to the bottom of the back cover. The covers are decently sturdy, with gently rounded corners, so you can toss these around in a bag without too many concerns.

So, what's the paper like?

As Scrib has already commented, it's both a nice texture for graphite, but also surprisingly good for fountain pens, too, though the coloured paper does make the ink colour come out a little peculiarly sometimes, depending on what you're using. Despite being recycled paper (which can be like blotting paper with a fountain pen sometimes!), there is minimal feathering and zero ghosting/bleed-through to the reverse. There's even some interesting shading going on with my stub nibbed pens.

Perhaps not the notebook for a work setting (though, that would depend on where you work, I guess), these are fun notebooks that are certainly different.

Ugly notebooks mystery 3-pack