Perfect Pages

by Stuart Lennon

US Pocket notebooks are on fire.

Field Notes released four, yes four, series of National Parks books, which feature beautiful covers; works of art. Their last Limited Edition, Autumn Trilogy is stunning. By far the bestselling Field Notes Edition that we have ever seen here at Nero’s.

Field Notes are so dominant in their niche, that newcomers find it difficult to make an impression. However, that doesn’t mean that there are not some amazing things happening outside the Field Notes Universe.

From the creators:

“Nomad Notebooks was co-founded by LaMar Smith and Ben Scott in their hometown of Newport News, Virginia. As graphic designers, Smith and Scott found that they would use different types of paper during the day while jotting down thoughts, sketches and ideas on whatever surface was nearest. Compiling the thoughts of the day, they were left with what was a unique mix of papers which sparked the idea of mixed-up notebooks. As they searched the market for a notebook that had graph, plain and lined paper all in the same place, they couldn't find it. Quickly the duo decided to create their own and then pushed the idea further with several different textures and colors of paper inside their notebooks. After a successful launch on Kickstarter, they haven't looked back.”

Make no mistake, the guys make excellent books.

The corners are chopped straight rather than rounded, but the real difference, is, of course the paper-mix inside. All of their models incorporate a mixed paper approach.

Usual disclaimer. These pocket notebooks are not made with fountain pen users in mind. As with most USA notebooks (with honourable exceptions), the paper is not ink-friendly.

I’m using Conspiracy (more stock on its way). More precisely, I’m using “Illuminati”.

So my pages are;
White, graph (triangles), secret, red, currency and map. How cool is that? Really cool. That’s the thing about these notebooks, they are different, eccentric, fun. I find that they pair extremely well with US-style graphite. In actual fact, Nomad do provide pure black pencils, although I find a Blackwing works very well, if that’s your graphite of choice.

Try a pack of any of the line. You’ll be delighted.

In the interests of secrecy, this blog post will self-destruct in five seconds.