Pebble perfection

by Amanda Fleet

Glorious cover? Check.

Tomoe River paper? Check.

The thin Tomoe River paper?? Check!

Numbered pages? Check.

Sewn-binding, hidden behind the spine? Check.

Rounded corners? Check.

Gold edges to the pages? Check.

Dot-grid? Check.

A5? Check.

Limited Edition? Check.


Do you need me to write more?

Oh, okay then...

I love this notebook! A while back, Pebble did another fancy-cover A5 notebook and I loved that, too! (They're now all sold out and I suspect these will also go quickly, so don't dither over getting one, or you might be kicking yourself)

Now, the 52 gsm Tomoe River has both fans and detractors. When I discussed the notebook with Stu, he said "Pebble looks fun for the FP people…a biro user will hate it."

As I'm sure you all know, I'm more of a fountain-pen user than a biro-user, but for completion with the pen tests, I did scrape up a Bic Crystal, as well as a selection of other pens (fountain and not). Whether you hate the paper as a biro-user may well depend on how heavy a hand you have. My hubby would hate it, because the reverse side would be embossed and the imprint of his writing would go through at least 4 more sheets. Me? I've managed to cope with it without embossing, but I have a far lighter hand. And I actually quite like it when the paper gets distorted by writing, but maybe that's just me.

I've already given you the specs, but note must be made of the cover. The notebook has a glorious Art Deco style design in mid- and dark-green, with Pebble Stationery Co. in gold on the bottom right corner. The back of the notebook has no writing. (Incidentally, it's the same pattern as one of the Clairefontaine Deco notebooks...)

On the inside front cover, there is space for you to write your details, but I'm not sure what pen would work (Sharpie?) as the cover is quite glossy. The inside back cover has the same border, plus a little on the specs at the bottom.

I tested a selection of pens and pencils...

As you can see, there's a bit of ghosting and a slight embossing from some of the pens, but certainly not enough to really wind me up.
It's about to go into my Lochby Field Journal, ready for writing the new book.
Pebble A5 Deco available here.