Out of this World

by Scribble Monboddo

That's a blog title which writes itself, doesn't it? Hurrah for the rebooted Word. notebooks for allowing such profligate promotion.



Actually, there are three of these pocketable triptychs, each with somewhat extra-terrestrial themes as the name might suggest. Out of this World Set 1 features a flying sea dragon, of all things, and less subtly a bit of a skull device too. 'Probably absolutely topping if you like that sort of thing, but those of a more delicate disposition will find that a Nero's Notes sticker covers the kaput cranium quite effectively.


Being of standard pocket size, this is just the thing for travelling over the sea - where, just to be clear, there are no actual dragons. Not any more, at any rate, even if the occasional map marked Hic Sunt Dracones may still turn up in some surprising places. But you could always treat yourself to a wee voyage on Loch Ness or Okanagan Lake with notebook in hand and a very fast sketching pencil and see what turns up... 


Now, this being a Word. product, it comes with detailed and delightfully arcane instructions in the art of bulleting one's bulletins, which do a good job of explaining the system quickly if you'd like to give it a try. If the orthodox system doesn't quite do it for you, though, remember of course that it's your notebook and you can annotate as you jolly well please. Each volume costs less than a fiver, it even plays nicely with fountain pens, and just conceivably it will favourably impress, ya know, passing dragons. 'Terribly handy at a barbecue, is the word on the grapevine.