Not another privacy article

by Stuart Lennon

Blimey! I'm sure that your inbox has been the same as mine; drowning in oily-worded privacy notices.

I have had the jokey, funny ones. Ones from people that I don't remember signing up to. Ones from people that I definitely NEVER signed up for, people who are effectively using GDPR to build their spam lists (you have to love the chutzpah!)

Mostly, I have ignored them, not giving my consent. Given my position as a small business owner, I have focused on giving consent to other small companies whom I want to support.

Here at Nero's Notes, our list has gone from 1800 or so to 209. Gulp.

Our Privacy Policy.

Our marketing mails are handled by MailChimp and their privacy policy is here.

Actually - I'm optimistic about the list. It's good to have a list made up of people who genuinely want to hear from us. Thank you to all of those who have opted in, we really appreciate it. I promise to treat your data with respect and not drown you in unwanted mail.

Now - what about the rest of the site? Some links for you.

Payments. These are looked after by Paypal and Stripe. I have reviewed their policies. Here and Here. If you take a subscription, then the recurring order is handled by an app by a Canadian firm called Bold

The storefront is run by Shopify.

Finally, there are links on the site to share products on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. You probably arrive at this site with a well known browser or using a search engine. If you do have any concerns about data privacy - then I suggest you look at these firms first. Nero's Notes makes a nice shiny website for you, in the hope that you might buy things from us.

Ask yourself why the services in the last paragraph provide you with bright shiny things. It's a cliché, but if it's free, you are not the customer - you are the product. Google, FB, Twitter et al are following your every step on the world wide web.

I hope - we're done with this now. If you have any questions, or concerns - please drop us a note. If you wish to unsubscribe, there is a link on every mail, or just give us a shout.

Remember. Forget the app...there's a notebook for that.