by Stuart Lennon

Promise me that you at least thought, "Who's there?"

This week, we took delivery of inventory from this American supplier. We re-stocked our existing lines of cases and paper goods and took our first delivery of some items that we have not had before.

I let our e-mail subscribers have first bite, (you can subscribe at the bottom of the page) and now they're open to everyone.

So, who are Nock Co?

I paraphrase the below from their website.

In 2007, Brad Dowdy started a blog, The Pen Addict. It was a place where he could share his obsession with pens in a healthier way than hoarding them and building a small cabin in the North Georgian hills from empty pen barrels and cartridges. He posted about the good, the bad, and the ridiculous. His passion for pens was stymied by the lack of an appropriate vessel to carry his collection through the dark alleys of the stationery world. There is also an excellent podcast by the same name, hosted at You can find the show wherever you get your podcasts.

Jeffrey Bruckwicki, of Project of Seamster, started sewing back in the pilgrims year of 2008 under the moniker of Gnome Bags. His understanding of bags only grew as he moved from the Michigan ice flats to the lush forests of Georgia. The higher temperature required rethinking the idea of a bag. He focused on designing around contents not just designing silhouettes. In 2012, with the brand Alter MFG, Jeffrey sewed the first Mod.02 pen(cil) case and sent it to Brad. 

It was almost a year later that their two obsessions found a platform to join, Nock Co. The company is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

So, now you know. If you haven't listened to the podcast, I urge you to give it a try. A few months ago, I only hag a vague idea what one was, but I decided to investigate. Now, they are the soundtrack of my daily commute. Brad, and his co-host Myke, are a lot of fun.

Just recently, Nock launched their Lanier with a successful Kickstarter campaign, and we now have them in stock. I'm a big fan of this - and well, pretty much all, Nock cases. At the time of writing, I carry:

As well as


Brasstown Open


and even one of these:


Sinclair - loaded


Nock make durable, simple cases that do the job. I love the mix of bright colours.


We also now have the Lookout pen holsters for the first time.