New knitting notebook(s)

by Amanda Fleet

A gazillion years ago, I wrote about my Knitting Notebook. Well, a few years on, and it's full and I need to start a new one.

Actually, I will probably be starting two... one for recording my knitting projects in and another as an "inventory" of the wool I have. I kept that "stash record" in the back of the original knitting notebook, but I'm wondering if I should separate it off and keep it with the wool itself. Since I have run out of pages in the original notebook, I have no space for adding new purchases (and there will be more purchases!). Which means I either need to re-write the stash notes (and update them while I'm at it) in the back of Knitting Notebook 2, or start a new book, dedicated to just that.

What to use?

Knitting Notebook 1 is a dot-grid Rhodia. I chose dot-grid because I wanted to be able to draw tables in it, plus do maths and keep the numbers lined up, and draw charts and so on. For Knitting Notebook 2, I will stick with dot-grid, because it's worked really well. I used a Rhodia originally, but because of the logo on the front, it meant my knitting decal was weirdly placed. I'm staying with A5 size, because it's worked well so far. Since I added a table of contents at the start, it would be nice if the new one had one, but I don't mind drawing my own if there isn't one in the notebook. One ribbon marker is great... more than one is a bonus. It also needs to have a decent number of pages.


  • A5
  • dot-grid
  • plain/logo-free front cover
  • ribbon-marker
  • decent number of pages
  • TOC and page numbering

A rummage through Nero's Notes shows that there are several that meet these requirements!

Endless Recorder

A5 (ish), dot-grid, plain cover, two ribbon markers, numbered pages and TOC, 192 pages, leatherette cover (personally less keen on this)


A5 (ish), dot-grid, plain cover, one ribbon marker, 128 pages, card cover

Port West

A5, dot-grid, plain cover, numbered pages and TOC, 170 pages, hardback woven cover


Despite the lack of ribbon-marker, I would be seriously tempted by the Port West, because they are so beautiful, but I don't think my knitting decal will go stick to the woven cover.... The Endless Recorder ticks all the boxes.

For the notebook for listing my stash of yarn, I have different requirements:

  • A5
  • dot-grid (I need to be able to draw tables)
  • it can have fewer pages (my stash isn't that big... yet)
  • no need to have a TOC or page numbering, or a ribbon marker
  • plain cover (because I still want to stick stickers on it!)

Two candidates leap out:

Lochby Field Journal Refill

Although there is a small logo on the front, there's still plenty of space for stickers/decals. A5, dot-grid, 72 pages of Tomoe River paper.

Endless Storyboard

Not quite A5, 64 pages, dot-grid. Again, a small logo on the front, but nothing that would inhibit stickers/decals.

I think it's the Lochby for the win!!

Now I just need to inventory the stash!