Nero's Notes

by Stuart Lennon


As quick as that, it was done.

Pocket Notebooks is now Nero's Notes. 


Well, there are several reasons.

1. As the range of products that we stock continues to grow, navigation of the site becomes ever more important and ever more difficult to manage. We needed a theme that could make it easy for both novices and experts to find what they were looking for. The new site is better, in my view, but not quite there yet. I think the learning curve at the moment for the old hands is to make use of the search bar. If you are looking for a specific brand, tap it into the search bar, and everything of that brand that we carry will appear before you.

2. Pocket Notebooks is by definition, limiting. We sell more than pocket-sized notebooks. We sell note cards, notebooks (of many sizes) and things to make notes with; we even have things to carry those instruments in. Anyone that visits us remembers the greeting they got from the CEO. Nero is never short of a word. Now, I have seen a rabbit stare him down, so the words are not aggressive, but boy are they loud. A hangover and the CEO are a terrible combination. We wanted a name that captured a little of his spirit and allowed us to explore all sorts of niches in the stationery world. Hence - Nero's Notes. 

3. The first of February marked a year since Nero and I took over the reins here. It was time for a change. Whether an analogue fan or not, we all spend a lot of time online, and just like in the bricks and mortar world, shopfronts need to be fresh and clean. 

There are still some tweaks and changes that will be made over the next week or two. We have had some requests from customers, which we really appreciate and I am meeting the web team tomorrow to discuss these. Certainly Clare is planning an overhaul of the photographs that we use on the site. Some of them are horrible and we'll get them changed.

If you do have an opinion - please let us know. This place is yours, as much as ours and we promise to listen.

The site can be reached via and 

Social media channels are transitioning to the look and feel of Nero's Notes, hopefully in a way that is non-disruptive.

In other news - I'm a podcaster. Oh yes. You can find me in two places on Anchor FM, where I record a very brief update (a couple of minutes) on what's going on at NeNo towers - and at 1857 where TJ Cosgrove and I have a chat (an hour or so) about all things analogue. 1857 comes out every Monday.

Right - back to work, and remember

...forget the app, there's a notebook for that.