Nero's News

by Stuart Lennon
How’s everybody doing?

Vaccines are being distributed, the guard has changed at the White House, and Brexit, has, in theory, happened. Is it me, or do things feel just a tiny bit brighter?

Customer service notice. I remain in lockdown here in the Cyprus mountain hideaway. We have to send a text message if we want to go out - although other than the supermarket, there’s nowhere to go. In Blighty, Clare was not satisfied with a simple lockdown, so organised for someone to throw their car at her in the car park. Cleverly, she used her own car to defend herself, but is now playing with a hire car. Why are the windscreen wiper controls always on the opposite side?

While Clare was having her car broken, the internet at HQ has spontaneously self-destructed. It’s a Wide Area Network shared across the building, made up of four interlinked routers - and one of those routers has, frankly, had enough; plunging several businesses back into the 20th century. So, I can see your orders. Clare can pack them. I could print your postage (if I had a franking machine) but couldn’t post your orders, only Clare can. Getting everything fixed would - in normal times, not be too difficult. In Covid-times, things are a little more complex. Please rest-assured that your orders will be going out, one way or another, early next week.

A month with a pen.

In December 2020. I took delivery of my “Nero” from Rockster Pens.

The design is very specific, and is in memory of Nero, my much-missed dog, for whom this site is named. (He was pure black, and wore a Help for Heroes Collar.) The pen is made from a pure black Italian resin called Semplicita, simplicity. It works beautifully with the minimalist design of the pen. Do you see the collar? The dark blue is for the senior service, the Royal Navy. The red, for the Army, and the lighter blue, that’s the traditional colour for the Royal Air Force. Ash, the artist behind Rockster Pens couldn’t find an appropriate ring in that colour. So he cast it himself. As you do.

The nib (Bock #6) is pure black - just like Nero. To anyone else, this is a striking, plain pen. To me, it’s a memory of the little fellow.

Now - if you are thinking of a gift for Christmas 2021, then you might want to commission one now. Ash is rather busy. A five month waiting list at the time of writing.

A pen. Designed. Just for you. That’s special. If you can’t bear to wait that long - Ash has a number of stock items available immediately.

That’s it for now. Be kind to each other, and to yourselves. We’re nearly through this thing. A huge thank you to all the heroes who have kept the world turning during the pandemic. The refuse collectors, bus drivers, delivery people, supermarket staff, armed forces, emergency services, care givers and health professionals - and all those whom I haven’t mentioned.