Nero’s Update

by Stuart Lennon

Sunday is Valentine’s Day. That’s nice.

No. We won’t be doing a sale, or a mail shot. Rest assured though, we love you all.

It’s busy both at the Stonehenge Operations Centre and in the mountain hideaway. We’ve had our year-end, and Stuart is now number-wrangling, being beaten down by excel sheets and accounting apps.

Next week is stocktake. Obviously, we bring in specialists for this type of work, as neither Clare nor I can be trusted with anything that important. - So, it’s Molly-week. Home schooling is suspended for half term, so Molly will be dropped into a vat of pencils, and not allowed out again until they’re all counted.

This is just about the only time that we offer the odd discount - as Clare clears the way for all the new stuff. A spring clean if you will. I’ll send out a mailer with all the bargains, before the end of the month.

We have just had in a big restock of the incredibly popular Lochby lines, and of Musgrave Pencils, including the Tennessee Reds in 12 packs. We also have an extremely limited stock of the single barrels, which will go on sale next week. There’s not much wholesale discount on these as they are limited in the truest sense, so perhaps for the collector rather than the school pencil case.

Supply lines have been strained - mostly by Covid, but with some Brexit fallout too. Some foreign retailers will be discomfited by VAT changes, but we’re working through it with them.

New Field Notes are due soon. This will be the 50th Quarterly Edition - and knowing those guys, it will be a special one.

We’re working with some of our favourite UK suppliers to bring you some unique lines over 2021. But shhhhh... don’t tell anyone. In the spirit of shopping local, we’re working with a Wiltshire photographer to up our visual game.

2021 is going to be a very tough time for small businesses, as the economic effects of the lockdowns unwind, and they’re all going to need your help and support.

Thank you all very much for getting us through the worst of the pandemic. You’re awesome.

Toddle Pip old fruits, and down with the Nazis. 😉