Limited Time

by Stuart Lennon

It’s September. Clare has returned from her vacation. Dynamo that she is, she managed to experience every single type of weather in one week. There’s a reason that “England’s green and pleasant land” is so green. A wet reason.

It’s Back to School. Isn’t it? Yes? No? Maybe? Who knows?

It is Limited Edition season, which means, brace yourself.


Getting this particular brand onto the shelves is frustrating, and the time it takes, is maddeningly, beyond our control. The Era is on its way now, and we have been promised mid-September. The XIX will follow soon behind it.

Field Notes.

The fall edition will come this month too. I have no idea what it is, but we will get notification, and the ability to order, a couple of days before release. We order big and instantly, and air freight them express to the UK. We usually have stock on, or a day or two after, US public release. The new National Parks edition will be coming too.

I’m sure that we will send a newsletter once we have everything, and Nanosphere will too. Not heard of Nanosphere? It’s a fantastic newsletter on all things stationery. They feature a wide-range of things from a wide range of retailers. (Including us). Jo & Dominic are lovely people and deserve your support. Go on - sign up.

Alongside FN & BW, other, smaller, American manufacturers often release now too. So, I’ll be keeping an eye on Story Supply, Word, and Write Notepads. To keep prices affordable, I have to order cannily with these guys, as shipping smaller volumes gets very expensive, very fast.

The Rest of the World

Clairfontaine and Leuchtturm1917 will be releasing, and I daresay that some niche European players have plans too. There are some interesting things coming from Pebble Stationery Co. in Oz.

Many smaller suppliers have been hit hard by Covid and anti-Covid measures and we will be actively trying to support those makers, in particular.

If there are specific things you are looking for - drop us a note in the comments or on social media. We’ll do our best to get them for you.