Kaweco Brass Sport

by Stuart Lennon

“Small in the pocket, large in the hand” was the design object for the Kaweco Sport, back in 1935. The long, chunky, hexagonal cap covers much of the barrel when closed, making the pen only 108mm long. Posted, it grows to 133mm, resting nicely in the hand.

Then - somebody made an inspired decision. Kaweco produced it in Brass, creating an instant classic. This is a 44g pen (fountain pen), which doesn’t sound like much, but in fountain pen terms, makes it a super-heavyweight.

There’s a ball point and a rollerball version, but my favourite is the fountain pen

For me, this is the classic go-anywhere, everyday carry (EDC). The size means it sits in any pocket, and the weight means it’s not going anywhere. I carry one hiking with a pocket notebook, and each trip, it garners compliments. 

I have two. One with a double broad nib (requires top notch paper) and a medium, which works pretty well anywhere.

Corona virus permitting, one will accompany on the final leg into Santiago de Compostela next year, and will record in my notebook how I’m feeling after a 500 mile pilgrimage.

A few years back, I dropped my Brass Sport in the drive. My hands were full, so I resolved to pick it up once my hands were empty. Inevitably, I forgot it, got in the car and drove over it. Twice. In a car that weighs 4,200 lbs or 1.9 metric tonnes.

It bears the scar with pride.

The brass is raw, so it develops a patina and finish of its own. To my, unscientific mind, the pen takes on my sweat and becomes unique to me.