Hello gorgeous!

by Amanda Fleet

I mean this little notebook... the A6 from Esmie (there is also an A5 version, and an A5 and an A6ish address book in the range).

These really are beautiful. Quoting from the information slip inside:

Esmie was founded in 2009, inspired by a fascination for Japanese design, time-honoured printing techniques and traditional bookbinding.
We work alongside family-run silk-screen print studios in Kyoto, Japan, to produce our covering papers. We select from an archive of intricate designs that are inspired by Kimono textiles. We style these with luxury materials sourced from European paper and fabric mills, to create our hand-bound paper based products in the South of England.

 The books are just about A6 at 15 x 11 cm. The hard cover has the most exquisite covering paper, that, as the blurb says, looks like the kind of pattern you would see on Kimono fabric, or perhaps some of the prettier origami papers. There are 88 sheets (176 sides) to each book.

The paper inside is 120 gsm off-white paper. The paper is laid not wove, so has some texture to it, that's really lovely with pencil. Full disclosure, laid paper doesn't always play nicely with fountain pens, especially calligraphy nibs, and this is no exception. With some of my wetter nibs, there was also more show-through than I like, but then, I am very fussy about that. The paper is plain, not lined or dot-grid, which makes it perfect for general notes and sketches.

Nero is stocking four of the designs and all of them are gorgeous. The stocks of some of them are quite low, so if you have your eye on one in particular, snap it up sooner rather than later. They would make a lovely gift, if you could bear to part with it once you had it!

Left to right above:

Bouquet blue
Red cranes
Taupe leaves blue
Pink yellow petals