Happy Spring Equinox!

by Amanda Fleet

As I look out of my window, it's looking less Spring-like than it did yesterday. Yesterday was bright and sunny, and the garden was dotted with bright splashes of colour from the flowers. Today, the best word for it would be 'dreich' a Scottish word that sums up wet/grey/miserable.

Time to use some lovely bright notebooks to capture the Spring!

Top of the list (as ever!) would be Clairefontaine, and you really can't go wrong with any of their notebooks, but to channel my current Spring-feelings, I would plump for the Inkebana. I mean, why not? The paper is glorious, the cover is beautiful and the notebook is only £7.

The splashes of yellow in the elastic closure and the ribbon marker are superb touches.

My second choice would probably be something by Rhodia. Again, amazing paper, and the orange cover is cheerfully bright.

If I was looking for a cheerful pocket-size notebook (I probably won't be because I'm not a pocket-size notebook fan), I would choose one of the Clairefontaine A6 notebooks with the vintage advertising vibe. They would remind me of wonderful holidays in Brittany and Normandy, and the paper would be excellent.

Failing that, something by Dapper Notes would always bring a smile to my face, even on the dreichest of days. The "Better Together" set is lovely (and very low in stock so hurry up if you want it!).