Go Wild(er.) in the country

by Amanda Fleet

The latest notebook that has arrived on my desk from Nero is a Wilder. Pocket Vol. 2 lined notebook, which comes in at £15 for a pack of three very well made notebooks.

This new edition by Rupert and Sarah (the team behind Wilder notebooks) is in an imperial purple, 250gsm card cover, with gold lettering. The front cover has a W and the back cover has wildernotes.com.

For those of you who don't know much about Wilder notes, let me tell you a bit about them. Rupert and Sarah believe in good products, made well. Their notebooks are made in the UK to very high standards, using nib-friendly paper, 100% vegetable-based inks, and no plastic packaging (a big plus for me!).

After a trip to Scotland, where screen-time was minimal and journaling at the fore, they researched an array of papers to find the best, and got a local independent manufacturer to make their notebooks. The results of all this care and attention to detail are evident.

The notebook has 48 lined pages of 100gsm FSC accredited paper, and is just as good whether you want to use pencils, pens or fountain pens. The notebook is standard 'pocket size' at 14cm x 9cm and there are 18 lines per page with 7mm spacing.

After a slew of dot-grid notebooks, having a lined pocket notebook is a nice change for me. I love the colour of the cover - a glorious deep purple - and the rounded corners mean it will survive being bounced around in my bag, should the need arrive. 

And this big-book-lover has finally found a good use for a pocket notebook, that isn't just as a scratch-pad or space for "to do" lists. I'm in the process of researching some online/correspondence courses, and this little notebook has been perfect for jotting notes on the different options and costs, while I figure out which course will be the best for what I want. Much as I prefer larger notebooks, even I can recognise that having a small notebook for a very specific thing is handy! The amount of notes I need to make for this research would only fill a few pages of an A5 notebook, and then they would get lost in other notes (or be a waste of a book).

There's real quality in the notebooks, with three staples at the spine, a robust cover, amazing paper, and neatly finished edges. All at a great price.

Wilder Pocket Vol. 2 lined notebooks