Gift Guide

by Stuart Lennon

Yup. It's that time again. 

Socks. Slippers. Smellies.

Yay. :-(

Do yourself a favour, point your nearest and dearest here to get you something. Even if they get you your least favourite brand, it will surely beat the heck out of socks.

Hey Big Spender!

Schon DSGN 'Every Day Carry' Pens. New to the store, these are awesome. Solid metal, heavy and loaded with a Fisher Space Pen refill. Range from £65 for the simple, light, aluminium design to £200 for a clipped Titanium heavy-weight version, with several other metals in between.

Schon DSGN

Kaweco metal pens. The classic Brass Sport AL and the slimline Lilliput in a variety of finishes. A fountain pen that can safely live in your backpocket. Classy.

Kaweco Gift tin

Nock Co cases. From a pen-roll that zips to a neat case to a holster for your favourite notebook and a few pens, Nock has a case for you. Their high contrast colours and rugged cordura make them unmistakeable. Essential kit for all Pen Addicts ;-)

Nock Lanier

Off-Lines. The leather flip notebook (refillable) is just so cool. An analogue tool, built to last. Do you need one? No. Do you want one? Ah...that's different. The wooden desk paper stations are gorgeous, in a variety of woods. Makes any desk elegant.

Paper Station

Get Organised for the New Year

Trigg Life Mapper. Award-winning diary/journal/planner. I am using one of these for 2018. Let's get stuff done! (See review)

#BuJo. The original from Leuchtturm1917 or the Goalbook from Rhodia. (See review)

Field Notes 56 week undated planner. No frills, bells or whistles, but no worse for that.

Field Notes Resolution. A complete 'Get Things Done' set in your back pocket. 

Get Sh | it done. The clue is in the name.

Secret Santa / Cheap and Cheerful

We have some Whitelines, Clairefontaine and Papio Press at fantastic price points as well as our 6 for £6, six note books for a £1 each.

We have a huge range of notebooks and pencils, and are always happy to give advice. Get your nearest and dearest to reach out. If they tell us who you are and how you roll...we reckon we can point them to the right kit for you...