Getting to know...Fa Vo

by Stuart Lennon

Getting to know - FA VO
Upstairs at the London Stationery Show is reserved for smaller, new companies. I was drawn to a simple table with some understated medium notebooks.
Some weeks later, I ordered some notebooks and reviewed them here
I wanted to know more about the people behind the brand...

Who are you?

FA VO was created in the city of London in 2017, through the minds of two young architects, Ivo Silva and Liana Magalhães, who always wanted to design, produce and make available their own creations that are Made In Portugal. Their passion for sustainable design and the manufacture of high standard quality products, led to the foundation of FA VO, originating goods at an affordable price.

What’s behind your concept?
FA VO is a brand of high quality design products with a concept that focuses essentially on the use of environmentally sustainable materials throughout the entire creative process. 

Who is your notebook for?

Everyone. FA VO notebook was created as a platform to serve the mind and needs of people and their creativity. A simple and elegant design for an analogue canvas, allows you to expand all your thoughts and imagination without restrictions. 

Do you take notes yourselves?

As two young architects we have the automatic urge to use our notebooks just about everyday. We started selling notebooks because we´d make our own from scratch at home. We noticed that we couldn´t find any 100% Recycled Notebooks that didn´t look recycled, all the options we found had kraft covers and grey, dysfunctional paper. We thought there was a gap in the market that we had to fill in.

What’s next for you?

The plan is to keep adding eco-friendly products designed by us and manufactured in Portugal that are related to stationary, office and home goods. 

Describe yourself in three objects

Notebook (obviously), a chair and a mug.

Notebook, Notes App or both?

Notebook. We have nothing against the digital world, we use it for so many things everyday. But for some reason, for notes, calenders, sketches, lists, storyboards, ect..we feel more in contact and prefer a Notebook. 

What’s in your pencil case right now?

So many things, ballpoints pens, pencils, coloured pencils, markers, led pencils and a very old eraser.

Pencil, ballpoint, gel, or fountain pen?
All apart from the fountain pen, nothing against them just never had the chance to buy one. Normally quite pricey.

Which three famous people, (living or dead) would you like to have dinner with?
Jimmy Hendrix, Atchitect Alvaro Siza, and couple Charles & Ray Eames.

What’s the best thing about the place you live?
The best thing about London is Culture. We always need some kind of motivation to keep us inspired and London has plenty. There is always something to do for the first time!

What’s your most treasured possession?
Our brand FA VO, but above all, our relationship.

Where are some of your favourite Stationery spots on the Internet?
Papersmiths, Present & Correct, Nook...and many others.