Friday Update

by Stuart Lennon

Hello from Charlie & Spice.


May is almost half-done! "Quaran-time" is weird.  

Being British, best I start with a weather update. We’re having a brief dally with Spring here in Cyprus, although most days, it’s pretty summery. High twenties during the day and mid teens at night.

The developed world is doing well against the virus, and I would urge all readers who can, to get vaccinated. Doing so protects you, your loved ones and the most vulnerable in society. Spare a thought for the developing world, which frankly, is getting a walloping from Covid-19 at the moment. We are one planet, and beating this virus back will require one planet unified.

Field Notes

I know no more than anyone else. I believe some subscribers have received shipping pre-notifications which, if true, will surely herald the arrival of Limited Edition No 50. For the record, I don’t think Field Notes are playing games - I believe that they are working night and day to get a very special edition out. Manufacturing and logistics on tight timelines is never easy, and during a pandemic, it's a miracle anything gets out at all. The moment we can order, we will be express shipping the edition over the ocean. However - if you want the subscriber extra - then sign up now, direct with Field Notes.


Volume 223, The Woody Guthrie edition should be with us next week. (Just the pencil, not the composition notebook.) As yet, we have no news about whether the Blackwing Palomino will be coming to the UK or not. Supply chains are frustrating, and I will once again be pleading with all concerned to start putting you, the customer, first.

Endless Recorder

We are replenished, including a rather natty grey edition, called “Mountain Snow”. 68 gsm Tomoe River in a superbly executed A5 notebook and a variety of rulings. What’s not to like?


The writing team here at Nero’s were lukewarm at best hearing that we were going to carry Lamy. However, Clare, who is a magician with these things, quietly slipped them some of their notebooks to try. See their thoughts here. Amanda. Scribble. Perhaps we're winning them over?


As restrictions ease and the weather improves - we’re getting out and about. Strike out for the countryside. Don’t leave your stationery at home! Get it some proper outdoor gear to wear. Go down the Lochby route, team it up with a Lamy or Kaweco and you’re in business. Write a poem. Or perhaps take your Blackwings out and draw a sketch.

New lines

We have some new things on their way for our range of subscriptions. But Clare won’t let me tell you about them. It “ruins the surprise” apparently. We’ve challenged ourselves to make this year our best ever for subscriptions - and things are coming… #justsayin'