Foglietto Memo Cards

by Amanda Fleet

Well, these are taking the world by storm, aren't they? Stu says they're flying off the shelves at Nero's.

It's really more than just the cards, though. It's a system. Well, it would be for me, but then I have an aversion to loose bits of paper or card cluttering my desk, so I would have to buy the archive boxes to keep it all tidy, and of course, the divider cards to go in the archive boxes. And then, if I was going to be carrying cards around with me, it would make sense to have one of the special card holders...

I can see how the habit grows. I'm fairly sure Stu has everything in the range.

<imagines Gary Oldman in Leon yelling "Everything!" for a moment>

If I'm being brutally honest, I don't quite get it. The cards are too small for me. Maybe the A6 version would be better, but the A7 I was sent to have a play with left me thinking, "Um. Cute... but... I just don't know what I would use them for." If I'm jotting something small enough it would fit on an A7 card, it will just be scribbled on a notepad/scratchpad. If it's big enough or important enough, it will go in a proper notebook.

We may all have predicted this. My notebooks tend to start at A5 with B5 as one of my favourite sizes. A7 was always going to be... um... petite for me. I struggle with pocket-size notebooks, for goodness' sake.

But... if I was going to go for small index cards, these would be them. There's a range of colours, lined, ruled (i.e. has a ruler!), dot-grid, plain, squared... the archive boxes come in both a cheaper card option and a gorgeous wooden version. The little carry cases are a thing of beauty.

Perhaps the A6 would work better for me. They won't fit in the wooden boxes for indexing, but do fit sideways in the carboard ones.

It's a really well-made, beautiful system, and Stu loves them. The finish on them is top-notch and the card colours and thicknesses are wonderful. It's just that A7 is a tiny bit too tiny for me.