Flying down to, err, where was I?

by Scribble Monboddo

Clairefontaine are hard to keep up with sometimes; they come up with a special edition like this and before we've even had a chance to blog about it the product sells out. 'Nice problem to have, for a retailer, but perhaps a bit over-tantalising for a would-be purchaser. Still, let's tell you about it and keep our collective fingers crossed that more comes Nero's way - because this really is a bit special.

The Flying Spirit sub-brand isn't new to these quarters, and the slim A5 notebook released under those colours is already a palpable hit. So a double-thickness version has perhaps not surprisingly, ermm, flown off the shelves. The reasons are plain enough but worth repeating so that you're primed for the next burst of new product in the range. The aesthetic presentation is certainly a big part of the attraction; artful designs printed on nicely thick card, and sewn inner bindings to hold it all together. Few professional settings would find this out of place, and yet it could withstand student abuses without falling apart too. So far, so grand.

But naturally what makes this a killer proposition is the paper. Firstly, because there's lots of it. Secondly, because it's awesome. No, that's not hyperbole. For a surface which can handle ink and feels good to write on with a fountain pen, this cream lined stock is some of the best there is - arguably even the best. There's a fair range of other Clairefointaine products to feast upon while the Flying Spirit gets its propellers fettled, or whatever's going on just now, and then, with any luck - chocks away!