Field Notes are here!

by Stuart Lennon

Snowy Evening has landed and will start shipping on Monday. (14/12/2020)

We had them on pre-order, and sold many. These will not be around for long - and are truly limited. I have no idea how many more we might be able to get.

From Field Notes:

"It’s December, and Field Notes HQ in Chicago hasn’t seen more than a few flurries yet, so let’s get Winter 2020 started with Field Notes Quarterly Edition, “Snowy Evening.”

We’ve limited this 49th Quarterly Edition to 33,333 3-Packs. Each Memo Book cover features a unique snowflake illustration rendered by our friend and co-conspirator, Brendan Dawes. Each snowflake is different, so every book is different, and so for the first time in a Quarterly Edition – we’ve individually numbered each book.

Inspired by the physics behind how ice crystals are formed in the atmosphere, Brendan crafted an algorithm that produced and rendered 99,999 lovely snowflake illustrations. (Read the whole story here). With the expertise of our partners at Lake County Press, the covers were printed over the course of five days on a next-generation digital press with white ink on “Deep Blue” Mohawk Carnival Vellum 80# cover. The Finch Opaque inside pages feature a special light-blue-gray dot-graph pattern. The books are bound with glossy white staples,and we don’t generally talk much about the “belly bands” that hold 3-Packs together, but this one is arguably our most handsome to date."

Order yours here.

If you're a Dungeon Master, then you need this, and if you're collecting National Parks, then here is the latest.

One or two people have asked me whether we are ready for Brexit. 

Ultimately, there is no answer to that - given that the people negotiating the terms of Brexit appear not to be ready. We will keep an eye on the twists and turns, and see what happens.