The advantage of a centimetre...

by Amanda Fleet

What on earth am I wittering about this week? Something that has bugged me (probably out of all proportion to the actual issue) in the past... the height of a pocket notebook.

The vast majority of them are 14 cm x 9 cm. With dot-grid versions, the dots are never perfectly aligned with the top and bottom edges of the page. With lined versions, there is never a multiple of 7 for the number of lines per page.

So? Who cares?

Well... I do. Because if I want to use one as a weekly planner, I cannot get 7 equal-sized days. A format I enjoy using (since I have so few actual events in my life, and certainly rarely more than one per day) is a week on the left-hand page, and space for notes on the right-hand page, as a week-to-view.

Step forward the Storyboard notebook by Endless. This is 15 cm tall. And that centimetre makes my heart glad, because it allows me to have 7 equally sized days on the left and space for notes on the right. Like this:


Down the left, 7 equally sized days, with the scattering of fixed things I have in the week. On the right, day-specific goals, plus the weekly goals to the right of them (a mixture of finishing editing the latest book, plus some personal things). The days of the week have been done with the Pebble stamp kit - my writing is not that neat!

Couple all that with a cool cover and some excellent paper and you have a splendid little notebook!

Endless Storyboard: The Farm

2x 15 cm x 9 cm

64 pages

90 gsm paper