Doesn't get much better...

by Amanda Fleet

I honestly don't think Clairefontaine know how to make a bad notebook! I've waxed lyrical about them many a time and oft, but that's because they produce fabulous notebooks. If I had to be restricted to one brand of notebook for the remainder of my life, I would choose Clairefontaine. Yes. They're that good!

As Scrib has discussed last week, it all starts with the paper, which is a dream to write on - that perfect combination for fountain pen users of the paper being smooth enough to allow good shading, but having a sensible drying time, along with no feathering, no bleed-through and no ghosting to the other side. But even if you're not a fountain pen user, the paper is beautiful for ballpoints, gel pens, pencils, or anything else you choose to use.

The latest notebook to cross my desk is Inkebana

Nero's description says: 

A simple floral soft card covered notebook
90gsm white lined paper, 128 pages/64 sheets, yellow bookmark and elastic
21cm x 14.8cm

 All of which is true, but which doesn't really capture how lovely the notebook is.

I'm assuming the name is a play on the word "Ikebana". Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arranging, and translates to "making flowers alive" and the image on the cover (by Sophie Griotto) conveys the art beautifully. (If you're interested in the history and practice of Ikebana, there is a great article on it here.)

The cover is made of card, though it's more than robust enough to survive being thrown in a bag. The near-monochrome image of a flower on the front is complemented well with the yellow elastic closure and yellow page marker. The inside covers, both front and back are also in yellow.

This is a simple notebook, and so there is no table of contents space at the front, or page-numbering, or back pocket (who actually uses these? They make it lumpy to write in the notebook...). The ribbon marker is a good length and the line spacing is a decent 8mm (so my lovely 1.1mm stub nibs won't feel cramped). Corners are rounded and there's a top margin of 17.5mm. The notebook is a true A5 size.


And all this comes in at just £7. Don't miss out. These are glorious!

Inkebana notebooks by Clairefontaine