Desk Notes

by Stuart Lennon
I’m getting a lot more time at my desk, these days.

Pocket Notebook (my mobile solution) usage is way down. Like most people, I’m not getting out much. The flip side to that, is I’m using more larger notebooks. For me - desk-sized notebooks are A5 or so. Any bigger than that becomes “outsize” for me. Why? Simple mechanics. I can comfortably use an A5 notebook on my desk without bumping into my electronics.

So - what do I use? As you may guess, I have a lot of choice. If we sell it here, I have used it. I’m a magpie, drawn to the newest shiny things, all the time. However, when I’m not experimenting or testing things out, then the answer is in French.

Rhodia. Rhodia is the standard by which I judge all other desk notebooks. Classic hard back in the mould of Leuchtturm1917 or Moleskine? The Webbie is your guy. Prefer a bit of flex? Rhodiarama covers are beautiful, and come in your favourite colour. A pad for your desk? Le R Number 16. There are many, many, more variations.

There are some quirks that the brand shares with its “other half”, Clairefontaine. One - naming. I’m not even going to try to explain Rhodia’s names. I haven’t got a clue. (Neither do they.) I love “Le R” as a pad, you might prefer “colo R”. You see what they did there? Second - paper rulings. They do a variety of ruled spacings - but as yet, nobody from Nero’s has worked out how to identify which spacing is in which notebook.

All of this fades away as an issue, once you start writing.

Rhodia paper is brushed velum, either in bright white, or ivory. It’s 80 or 90 gsm, depending on the line, and frankly, wonderful to write on. There is plain, lined, dot and even some grid. I love it with graphite, with gels, with rollerball and fountain pen.

Spoil yourself with a bit of Rhodia.

I know what I’m about, after all, this is not my first Rhodia…

Sorry. I’ll get my coat.