Covid 19

by Stuart Lennon
So many companies have done it, I feel bad if we don't.

Re: Covid19, Corona virus, the Pandemic, whatever it should be called.

Please follow the scientific advice and do your best to keep safe.

Impact on Nero’s Notes

HQ Amesbury

Nero’s HQ is the domain of Clare. Nobody else has a key. There are other tenants in the building, but in separate spaces. All are largely staying away, or practising social distancing.

Clare has always determined her own hours around her other commitments and continues to do so. Frankly, her standards of hygiene are always the highest, and now they come with added sanitiser. All our stock lives in plastic boxes until it is sent out.

While Clare is hale and hearty, Royal Mail functioning, and there is no bar to working, it will be business as usual at Nero’s. If any of those things change, we will let you know.


The International arm in Cyprus is in “lockdown”, but will continue to burble away as long as all remain healthy in the mountain hideaway.

Writing Team

Amanda and Scrib are, at last report, in fine form and will continue to write informative and entertaining content for the site.

Stay safe out there everybody, and look out for family, friends and neighbours. From a safe distance, obviously.