Comme glom - limited edition desk jotter

by Amanda Fleet

The Comme Glom desk jotter isn't your run-of-the-mill desk jotter (which, let's face it, can be a bit dull). Oh no. This is a riot of images. No two pages are the same. Some of them have spaces for to-do, not-to-do and actions; others have 'distractions'; others have no labels to the spaces.

At 25 cm x 18 cm (~10 x 7" or ~B5 size) it's a good desk size. Each page is different and printed on thick (170 gsm) luxury, recycled white paper. The 40 pages are glued at the top (glue is vegan friendly). You scribble on it, tear the sheet off and there's a new delight underneath.

I don't really have a desk jotter (mostly because they're normally too dull and I'll just use a pocket notebook or any random bit of paper that's on my desk) but this has been fun to use. It adds a fun splash of colour to my desk and with every page being different, you're never sure what's coming next when a sheet is finished. The paper is lovely and thick and the designs are great, ranging from images of the planets, through a cartoon hand shooting a ray gun, to floor plans! They're almost good enough to frame without using them for scribbles.

In all honesty, I've largely ignored the labels and used it to note down the hundred and one random things I end up thinking about in a day, ranging from plot points for a book, to the phone number for the local takeaway, to a song I've heard on the radio. Sometimes I just doodle while I'm thinking. But it's a bright and cheery addition to the desk that I'm enjoying using.

This is a limited edition print run, so grab yours now, before they run out! You can order it right here!