Clairefontaine A6

by Amanda Fleet

Aren't these just delightful? My favourite paper, all wrapped up in these wonderful covers.

The images on the cover are absolutely beautiful - evoking vintage adverts for tourism. It's hard to pick a favourite, as they are all splendid, but my eye was especially drawn to the volcano on Île de la Réunion, Notre Dame de Fourvière, and the Parisian cover.

The notebooks are A6 (10.2 cm x 15 cm), so a little larger than "pocket notebook size" (9 x 14 cm), and come with 48 lined pages on 90 gsm ivory paper. Scrib and I have waxed lyrical about the paper often enough. Suffice to say it is perfect. The pages are sewn rather than stapled, so the book is not only almost indestructible, but will also lie flat without needing brute force (or ignorance).

The card covers include a short description on the inside about the illustration, and have rounded outer corners, making them less likely to get bent or damaged if you toss them in a bag. I honestly think the cover illustrations are worth framing. I love them!

The notebooks are selling for £7 and you can see the full range here.