California Dreamin'

by Stuart Lennon

Hey there!

Seven weeks in, and I am stoked (that's cool-talk for 'really excited') to present the California Back Pocket Journals. These are made for us all by Steve Curnow and his family in Dixon, California at Curnow Bookbinding and Leatherwork. We are carrying six variants of three-pack. In 105 gsm HP paper, we have plain, graph, lined, dot-grid and mixed (plain, lined and dot-grid). These five are fantastic pocket notebooks in their own right. The paper is gorgeous and very welcoming to a fountain pen. The stitch is hand-tied and the cover is brilliant California medallion.

If these books are the icing on top of the cake that is our American range of pocket notebooks, then the cherry on top is the California Back Pocket Journal. (Tomoe River)

Yes. You read that right. Cream Tomoe River paper in a pocket notebook. If you use a fountain pen and like a pocket notebook, then I urge you, be very careful of these books. I sit here and gaze at them. And smile. A lot.

In my last post, I wrote of some of the new partnerships at Pocket Notebooks. That continues. In our new subscription product, we have partnered with the National Literacy Trust. For each box sent out, we will donate a pound to this great charity. One person in six in the UK lives with poor literacy. The Trust gets involved with helping families with literacy in the UK's least advantaged communities. 

I also wrote about some forthcoming videos. I am delighted to announce that the first 'product shorts' are up on the Pocket Notebooks You Tube Channel .

Bear with me as I learn how to manage the channel - I daresay there will be the odd hiccup.  The videos themselves are great - TJ has done brilliant work. (Check out his own channel at Wood & Graphite)

I have some ideas of things to put up there, some of which are work in progress, but ultimately - you tell me. What would you like to see on the Pocket Notebooks YouTube channel?