Bumbling along

by Stuart Lennon


We’re all in the thick of it, aren’t we?

I don’t know about you, but my attention span has shrunk. All this extra time at home, I thought I’d be flying through novels, but I don’t seem able to concentrate on reading for more than ten minutes at a time. 

This is reflected in my notebook usage. I’ve five daily ones on the go.

5 Notebooks

1. Hobonichi Techo. I keep a diary. Each morning, I write a brief summary of the previous day. 

2. Standard Memorandum. Gratitude. I pick one thing for which I’m grateful, and make a note. Again, I do this in the morning.

3. Rhodiarama A5. I am taking the One Year No Beer challenge. Each day they send me a link to a short video. I watch it and make a note. These may form the basis of an e-book one day.

4. Endless Recorder #bujo. My daily driver. This is at my side most of the the day, full of tasks and notes. 

5. “This machine kills Fascists”. I’m taking a course, and naturally, I have a notebook for that.

Open Notebooks

Writing in these books is affording me comfort, I think.

1 & 2 push me to be positive, to count my blessings. In these times, that’s an important mindset to adopt.

The Endless Recorder provides me with structure to the day. Mrs Nero’s is mostly stuck in bed, and needs my help, so I’m flitting to and from my desk. The Bujo keeps me on track. The Write Notepads & Co documents that I’m learning something - as well as providing an aide-memoire. 

Anybody else finding comfort in journaling?  

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To date, Clare is still able to post orders out once or twice a week via a postbox, while maintaining social distancing, but obviously, the situation remains fluid. Obviously, Clare’s welfare is our top priority, but while she can get orders out safely - she will.

Stay safe everybody.