Bargain Bundles

by Amanda Fleet

Nero always strives to give good value for money, and to source some notebooks that are hard to find anywhere else, often working with small producers who are making amazing products. These two aspects combine brilliantly in...

The Bargain Bundle

This is a collection of notebooks which would cost over £25 if bought separately, but are available as a bundle for £15. There's a mix of sizes and different notebooks, so whether you're just looking for a bargain, wanting to try out a variety of notebooks, or are just needing a lot of notebooks, this could be for you.

The bundles aren't fixed (they rely on what Nero has stock of!) and so contents may vary. They may contain a single instance of notebook that Nero sells in multi-packs, so you get to try out more variety. In the bundle I received a while ago, I got an A4+ Clairefontaine notebook, a Storyboard Farm notebook, a notebook by Endless with Tomoe River paper in it, a Nero's Notes (graph), and a "Birds" notebook by Personalised Stationery. I can't guarantee that's what you'll get, because content is very dependent on what stock is available, but I know you won't be disappointed with the selection you receive.

Why not take a punt on a pack? They're excellent value and you'll get a range of notebooks to play with, some of which you may not have thought of trying before, but then fall in love with. It's a great way to sample some of the range of notebooks available at Nero's, but without having to buy lots of multipacks of items you've not experienced before.

If you add in some pencils or a couple of cards, you'll get free delivery too!