by Amanda Fleet

Okay, I confess... I'm not the biggest fan, but I realise many of you are! I do have plenty of ballpoint pens (biros, in UK-speak) in my possession and I probably do use them on a daily basis. It's more that I have arthritis in my hands and any lengthy writing with a ballpoint (or any pen that needs pressure to work) leaves me with sore hands.

However, there are some nice ballpoints to be had, and I've been pleasantly surprised by the new Vent For Change pens. The plastic in them comes from recycled drinks bottles and a proportion of their price goes towards supporting educational projects for children around the world - something that is very close to my heart.

The pens have a super-smooth, tapered barrel - very unlike the hexagonal Crystal Bic you might use, and all the better for it. It's very comfortable to write with! I don't know if I hold a pen strangely, but hexagonal barrelled writing implements (pens/pencils/whatever) hurt my fingers after a while because they dig in (and don't get me started on Lamy, which I find the most uncomfortable pen I have ever tried... but... I digress!).

Writing is smooth, the colours are lovely, they're made from recycled materials, they are recyclable, they support children's education, and you can even buy refills for them for pence (though sadly, right now, not at Nero's). At £4 for two pens, why not?

They appear to be selling out really quickly, so grab some while you can.