Aurora Borealis (or, it's colourful oop North)

by Scribble Monboddo

Remember those red notebooks you used at school? Well, Nero sells those, and groovy little mini pocket versions too. Then they started making eye-popping special editions like this, the Aurora, and although your favourite portable stationery provider hasn't started stocking them just yet... the proprietor may be open to persuasion.

So, let's set out the stall. Paper milled in Kendal, bindings sewn in Otley; it's a proper northern classic, made on old-fashioned kit like Singer sewing machines with (probably) nary a laser in sight. In the classic red it's timeless. 

 Then someone at the factory appears to have attended an op-art exhibition and decided that the late 1960s deserved a come-back. Well, they're right, aren't they? Goodness knows we all need a bit of cheering up, and these certainly do the job. The paper plays nicely with fountain pens, and the tiny pages are detachable too. Would you like to see something similar available from Nero's Notes? Let the boss know!